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Since 1996, Growth Stock Analytics has been a premier source for trade ideas in profitable top stock picks. Join us to boost your stock picking skills today!


Results of our top stock picks. Past performance not representative of future results.

Our Top Stock Picks Performance

Avg. Win (#Trades): 12.80% (161)
Avg. Loss (#Trades): -5.55% (254)
Win Percent: 38.80%
Adj. Win/Loss Ratio: 1.46

We Screen 6000+ Stocks Daily For Our Top Stock Picks

Our unique stock screener allows you to screen through all US stocks for fundamental, technical, trend and chart patterns, e.g., cup-and-handle.

Our Top Stock Picks Portfolio

Come trade along with us using precise, low-risk entry points for optimal positioning of your trades.


Monthly rebalancing using domestic and international funds.
Past performance not representative of future results.
Backtest Date: April 2019

Timing Portfolio Performance Since 2009

Timing Portfolio: 25.59% CAGR 
S&P 500 (SPY): 13.74% CAGR 
Best Year (2009): 71.40%
Worst Year (2011): -5.48%
Max. Drawdown (EoM): -13.66%    

Momentum Model Switching Between Domestic and International Mutual Funds

Rebalances no more than once a month. Moves to long-term treasury funds under adverse market conditions.

Our Mutual Fund Timing Portfolio

Receive monthly alerts to rebalance your portfolio on a signal change.

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          • BUILD A TRADING PLAN - Every trader must have a profit and loss plan - a blueprint, if you will. Without a plan, you will lack the discipline to control your emotions, which is your biggest enemy.
          • RESPECT YOUR STOPS - Always determine up-front the maximum loss you can take on any trade. Losses should be limited to 7% to 8% maximum. This is one of the most difficult rules to follow and requires tremendous discipline.
          • NAIL DOWN PROFITS - Once your position shows a gain of about 20% to 25%, or 3 times your risk, you must nail down profits. Sometimes, an outstanding winner comes along, and it is time to be a pig. You need to milk these winners to the max.
          • SELL HALF - Do not take profits on your entire position in the first 4 weeks. If the stock has raced up 20% in a few weeks, you can sell half your position, and hold the balance for a larger move.
          • HOLD ON TO WINNERS - Holding onto winners requires courage and patience. You can continue to sell half your position at regular intervals as the stock advances. Raise your stop loss based on support and resistance points, or any other timing mechanism you prefer. After a strong uptrend, most stocks WILL flash sell signals that WILL get you out before the peak. Recognizing these signals is the key.
          • LOSING IS PART OF THE GAME - good traders always know they will come back to win, and do not worry about looking stupid because they have lost in some trades. In fact, you will probably have more losers than winners. However, your losses must be kept small and you should allow your winners to run.
          • MANAGE PORTFOLIO RISK - In volatile markets, do not invest more than 10% of your portfolio into any single stock. Aim to hold 5 to 10 stocks in your portfolio. This will minimize the negative effects a single name will have on your portfolio.
          • MONEY MANAGEMENT - Learn effective money management. Pyramid up (buy more shares) when the stock moves in your favor. Always channel your money into profitable positions. Pyramid down, only if you absolutely know what you are doing. In other words, don't.
          • DO NOT OVER-TRADE - There's always the Wall Street fool who must trade all the time. If you find that most of your last trades have gone against you, scale back and rest awhile. The market may not be right for your style of investing. Remember Lefevre in Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, "It was never my thinking that made big money. It was always my sitting." It takes discipline and patience to sit tight and not over-trade.
          • DO NOT DAY TRADE

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