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GSA Live Portfolio:
2018-05-24: Adding **** (pivot buy point ****, 7-week cup and handle base w/pocket pivot, under accumulation, low liquidity ****&nbs...Read more

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  1. Read about the HI-EPSRS Database Features.
  2. See what we mean by GSA Top Picks.
  3. Understand our Screening Criteria.
  4. Get familiar with the charts of Top Picks that gained 50% or more.
  5. Also see our Stock Picks Q&A Page for answers to our subscriber questions.

HI-EPSRS Database Features   [Back to Top]

  • GSA Top Picks: These stocks have a high GSA Rank, and have broken out of recent technical base patterns. We place trades on these stocks for our real-money portfolio. We may not have a Top Pick every week.
  • HI-EPSRS Screening: Quickly screen against important criteria such as GSA Rank, EPS Growth, Liquidity, Group Action, Technical Breakouts and more.
  • Daily Market Report: Receive our daily (or even hourly) Market Report of database stocks surging in volume, hitting new 52 week highs or breaking out of bases.
  • Market Direction: We use the database to act as a proxy to the market.
  • Predefined Screens: We've set up predefined categories to screen against, e.g., stocks showing strong Industry Group action, etc.
  • My Portfolio/Alerts: Monitor your portfolio. Receive daily price, volume and new high alerts on the symbols you follow. View daily charts and other links.
  • My Saved Search: Save your favorite search criteria. Then access your search results with a single click.
  • Top Picks Alerts: You are automatically signed up to receive our Top Picks via email. You may add your custom search results to this email. Please experiment with different search criteria. Selecting too many criteria may return no results.
  • Chart Fest: Quickly cycle through every chart in the database.

GSA Top Picks   [Back to Top]

  • These stocks have a high GSA Rank, high EPS Growth, and great chart patterns.
  • We manage our own portfolio using stocks that make our Top Picks list.
  • Explanation of some terminology:
    ACLN LIMITED (ASW) $37.81
    Target Price 25-30% from $36.7: $45.88-$47.71; No Profits Before 2001/9/282

    1Date that the Top Pick was selected.
    2We have established target prices based on the price at which the Top Pick was made. Target price is set at 25-30% from the purchase price, EXCEPT for the most powerful of stocks. Hence, we do not take profits until 8 weeks have passed. The "No Profits before [date]" indicates the date when 8 weeks would have passed. At this 8 week point, if the stock has moved up, say 40% or more, we may be sitting on a real winner, and our Target Price message would change to "Longer Term Play".

Screening Criteria   [Back to Top]

GSA Rank (GSAR) Based on our Proprietary Ranking of 30 Fundamental and Technical Indicators.
Suggested Value: Above 70. Lower OK, if Stock has an Exceptional Chart Pattern
Calculation: Based on a Combination of Parameters Like ROE, EPS Rank, Relative and Group Strength, Earnings Surprises, Volatility, Analysts' Rank, etc.
Stock's Discount (%) Measure of a Stock's Over- or Under-Valuation
Suggested Value: Any Negative Value for UnderValued, Positive Value for OverValued. We Stay Away from Stocks Which are Trading at a +25% or more Premium
Calculation: [Forward P/E (Avg of Current & Next FY) / Projected 5-yr Growth Rate - 1] * 100 OR Price/Sales Ratio Less Than 1.0
Projected Growth Rate % Projected 5 year Growth Rate in EPS
Suggested Value: >20%
Calculation: Based on Available Information
Liquidity (%) Measure of a Stock's Tradeablility or Liquidity in the Market
Suggested Value: 0.8% to 1.0% or Higher. Low Liquidity Stocks Have High Bid-Ask Spreads, and More Importantly, Chart Patterns That Are Prone to Failure
Calculation: Average Daily Volume / (Shares Outstanding - Shares Held by Management)
% Above 40 week MovAvg Measure of How Far a Stock is Extended in Price
Suggested Value: New Buys Should Not be Made if Stock is +100% Above its 40 Wk MA
Calculation: [Stock Price / 40wk MA Value - 1 ] * 100
% Below 52 week High Measure of How Far Away the Stock is From Making a New 52 Week High
Suggested Value: 0% to 20% Below its 52 Week High. Stocks Near New Highs Go Higher!
Calculation: [1 - Stock Price / 52 Week High ] * 100
Analysts' Rank Based on Analysts' Buy/Sell Recommendations and Magnitude of Upward Earnings Revision Over the Last Month
Suggested Value: 3.0 or Higher. Above 4.0 is Excellent
Calculation: Based on a Combination of the Above Two Parameters
Average Daily Volume Average Daily Volume in Hundreds of Shares Traded. Another Liquidity Measure
Suggested Value: Minimum of 10,000 Shares should be Traded Daily (Enter Value in Hundreds, e.g. 100 for 10,000)
Calculation: Average of Stock's Daily Volume Over Last 4 Weeks
Earnings Acceleration Quarterly EPS Acceleration Over Last Two Quarters, e.g., If Last Quarters' EPS Change is 40%, and Prior Quarters' Change is 30%, then Quarterly Earnings are Accelerating. Also Flagged if Last Two Quarters' Earnings are 100% or More.
Suggested Value: Yes
Calculation: None
Basing Pattern Breakout Caused if a Stocks Price Exceeds its Previous High Price Over a Certain Time Period (Ranging from 8 to 52 Weeks). This provides an Indication of the Stock Clearing Prior Resistance Levels. Check a Daily Chart to See if the Breakout Came on Good Volume.
Suggested Value: Yes (U=Upside Breakout, D=Downside Breakout, N=No Breakout)
Calculation: It's Somewhat Complicated!
Accumulation / Distribution Measure of whether the stock is under accumulation or distribution.
Suggested Value: 1.0 and Above Signals Accumulation
Calculation: Ratio of Up Volume to Down Volume Taken Over 10 Weeks. >1.0 Signals Accumulation; <1.0 Signals Distribution
Down Trendline Breakout Use to find stocks breaking out after a trend has been established. The computer picks the longest trendline (minimum 10 wks) if more than one exists. Breakout would have occured this week. See our Case Studies.
Suggested Value: Yes, but Use Selectively (DTV=Downtrend Violation, 0=No Downtrend Violation)
Calculation: This One's More Complicated!!
Group Action Use to find stocks demonstrating strong group action. A Group is considered strong if a large percentage of stocks in it are making new highs
Suggested Value: Yes
Calculation: Based on Percent of Stocks in the Group Making New Highs
EPS Growth (%) 3-Year Growth Rate in EPS
Suggested Value: 20% or Higher. Higher the Better!
Calculation: Based on Available Information.
Average Quarterly EPS% Quarterly EPS% based on Average of Last Two Quarters
Suggested Value: 20% or Higher. Higher the Better!
Calculation: Based on Available Information.
Sales Growth (%) 3-Year Growth in Sales or Revenue
Suggested Value: 20% or Higher. Higher the Better!
Calculation: Based on Available Information.
Upside Price Gap Price gaps occur when an entire days price range (high to low) is above the highest price for the previous day. We look for price gaps that have occurred within the last 2 weeks.
Suggested Value: Yes, but Use Selectively
Calculation: Gaps greater than 1/2 point are flagged
Earnings Surprise Generated if Last Quarter's Earnings Have Exceeded Analysts' Estimates
Suggested Value: Yes
Calculation: None
Daily Volume/Avg Volume (%) Ratio of Daily Volume / Average Volume. Stocks Advancing on Strong Volumen Indicates Institutional Buying.
Suggested Value: 150% or More
Calculation: None
Internal Momentum Measured by the Wilder Relative Strength Index (WRSI) taken over 8 weeks - represents internal strength
Suggested Value: 70 or higher

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