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Did you spot a stock investing opportunity in Amedisys Inc before it increased 26% from its correct buy point at $26.54? AMED was profiled as a Top Stock Pick to our members on December 3, 2014.

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Are you looking for a stock trading system that actually makes you money? Have you been dissatisfied with your personal stock trading results? There are several hundred varied stock trading approaches to make (and lose!) money in the stock market. Having been involved with stock trading for more than ten years now, we know which stock trading strategies work best. Due to our passion for stock trading, we present to you a stock trading program created to deliver results. It is based on how the stock market perfoms - supply and demand, and not on the opinions, feelings or biases of others.

Stock trading can be overbearing. Growth Stock Analytics has helped novice and expert investors take the fear out of stock trading for a long time. You owe it to yourself to let us help you.

Growth Stock Analytics presents stock market investors entry to our proprietary stock grading system. Our HI-EPSRSTM Stock Database is a one-stop foundation for stock trading, and research/investing in high relative strength stocks:

  • Get our Top Stock Picks.
  • Achieve Stock Screening.
  • View Stock Chart Blueprints.
  • Look for Stock Breakouts.
  • Validate Fundamental and Technical Data.
  • Scrutinize your Portfolio using Portfolio Alarms.
  • Stock Trading, and more...


"I am a new subscriber and I wanted to let you guys know what a great service you are providing. I am on a 3 month trial but I plan on renewing ad infinitum...Great job"...RJ, Texas

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