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Top Stock Picks Performance

   Top Stock Picks Performance
Past performance not representative of future results

Top Stock Picks - Correct Buy Points

Did you spot an opportunity in IPG Photonics Corp (IPGP) before it increased 27% from its correct buy point at $61.65? IPGP was profiled as a Top Stock Pick to our members on April 19, 2011.

Top Stock Picks

Top Stock Picks Portfolio Comments

2017-04-27: Reduced holding in **** some more, nailing down profits at ****.
Current Stock Portfolio Positions: BE** (+43%), CO** (+9%), CH** (+9%), EV** (+6%), CS** (+2%), CD** (+1%), HC** (-1%), QS** (-1%),

Testimonials On Our Stock Picks

"THIS IS GREAT and you are close to "Genius" from the pages I see. It is not exactly what I expected, but still going to be super useful...I must add, that I am so delighted that I discovered your site. I have books, have studied, have learned (at my expense!) and now I feel confident that I will be adding a little "pocket change" to my brokerage account. (actually making up some severe losses!!!)"...BHP, Arizona


Past Top Stock Pick   

Learn from these chart patterns. (Past performance does not guarantee future results)

Up 21% from $122.58 (2008-04-04)

On April 4, 2008 we profiled RESEARCH IN MOTION LIMITED (RIMM) as a Top Stock Pick to our members at $122.58. Within a period of six months, RIMM rose to a high of $148.13, for a return at it's peak of 21%. Obviously, one cannot sell exactly at the peak, but here is what we had observed about RIMM:

  • GSA Rank: 73.12 (Our proprietary ranking for RIMM using fundamental AND technical factors)
  • Accum/Dist Rank: 1.28 (Up vs. down volume action of RIMM taken over several weeks)
  • Projected Growth Rate: 37.80% (RIMM's projected 5-year growth rate)

Most importantly, RIMM was trading just 10.5% off it's 52-week high price, and had a breakout from a sideways price consolidation pattern, a clear signal to time our position, as well had gapped up in price, another signal confirming upward price strength. It is imperative to not only buy the best stocks that are fundamentally sound, but also to time your purchase correctly.

Disclaimer The stock selections in our stock investing and stock trading database are not stock recommendations, but simply represent applications of a stock investing process. All materials, including our Top Stock Picks, are provided for information purposes only and should not be used or construed as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation for any security. Growth Stock Analytics, LLC is not responsible for gains/losses that may result in investing or trading in these securities. All information is believed to be obtained from reliable sources, but there is no guarantee that the information supplied is accurate, complete or timely. There is no guarantee or warranty with regard to the results obtained from its use. There is no guarantee of suitability or potential value of any particular investment or information source. You acknowledge that your requests for this information are unsolicited and shall neither constitute nor be considered investment advice. Past investing performance is not an indication of future performance results. Investing and trading in stocks is risky. Investors are encouraged to consult a registered stock broker or investment adviser before making any investing decisions. The interpretations and opinions expressed herein are solely those of Growth Stock Analytics, LLC, and not of any other individual or organization.
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